Research Corner


Two Heads are Better Than One

Two Heads are Better Than One: Collegiality and Supervision as a Reflective Practice… (Page 28)

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Competence in Translation and Interpreting Revision

Analysis, tips, and references for interpreters, translators and cross-cultural communicators… (Page 42)

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Thinking Outside of the Box

Thinking Outside of the Box: Deaf Interpreter Training by CEO of TRUE-BIZ ASL, LLC. (Page 37)

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RID Journal of Interpretation

JOI Articles

Pronouns in ASL-English SI

Pronominal systems across languages mark grammatical categories in different ways, and this can pose challenges for…

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Discourse Into Interpreting

Sign Language Interpreting Students and their Construction of Professional Identity as Interpreters for Deafblind Individuals

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Orientation to the Interpreted Interaction

A survey of non-signing adults showed that a lack of information about the interpreted interaction…

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Additional Research

CATIE’s Sophia e-community

Graduate Research

Exploring Racial Micro-Aggressions

Explores the racial microaggression committed by ASL-English interpreters. Data regarding microagression events were collected

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The Often Ignored Stories of Deaf Individuals

Returning to the Hearth: Lifting the Often Ignored Stories of Deaf Students, Faculty and Staff in Interpreter Training and Education

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Exploring the Experiences of LGBTQ Interpreters

This phenomenological study explores the lived experiences of LGBTQ interpreters who have worked in the VRS setting

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Gallaudet Interpreting and Translation Research

Bilingual and Bimodal Genetic Counseling Materials

Dr. Patrick Boudreault summarized the work of a 10-year project on the Deaf Genetic Project…

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Creating a Space of Our Own

Folami Ford presented “Creating a space of our own: A phenomenological study of the lived reality of African American ASL-English interpreters”.

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Incorporating Community Cultural Wealth

Dr. Flavia Fleischer presented “Incorporating community cultural wealth into the profession”…

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